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Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. Scroll down to find our phone number and location. But before you contact us, please have a look at our page "Questions & Answers" and see if your question already is answered online. That way you'll get your answer quicker and shorten our response time to those who need us.

Registration/Guest card/General questions
Göteborg Cup
Södra Sälöfjordsgatan 29
418 73 Göteborg
Tel. +46 31-54 70 71

Tournament questions
Our competition management can be contacted by Email:

Referee questions (Only for referee, not about the tournament)
Andreas Lybacken is contact for our referee, Reach him by Email at: Are you interested in participating as referee, you can also sign up on our website by clicking HERE.

Main secretariat in Lundbystrand Sporthall
0700-128201 (NB! This number is only available during may 30th - june 2nd 2019)
Göteborg & Co Team Göteborg