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Team Tramerramer Herr

Registration number: 2099
Registrator: Patric Wiget Log in
Primary shirt color: Yellow
Secondary shirt color: Black
Leader: Patric Wiget
Fabio Bisso
team tramerramer was the only club from Switzerland that had teams playing during Göteborg Cup Innebandy 2016. They participated with one team in Herrar.

In addition to Team Tramerramer, 21 other teams played in Herrar. They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof Team Tramerramer could be found in Group B together with Farsta IBK, IK Zenith 1, Linköping IBK HJ 20, Frölunda IBK and Göteborg City IBK.

team tramerramer comes from Grüningen which lies approximately 1200 km from Göteborg, where Göteborg Cup Innebandy takes place.

5 games played


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