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IK Zenith

Medals 2018:
2019: 3
2017: 1 2016: 1 2015: 2
IK Zenith was one of 64 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Göteborg Cup Innebandy 2018. They participated with 8 teams in Pojkar 12 (05), Pojkar 14 (03), Pojkar 16 (01), Herrjuniorer 18 (99-00), Herrar (A-licens), Flickor 11 (06) and Flickor 15 (02) respectively. Two teams played until in Gruppspel; Flickor 11 (06) lost against FBC Lerum Röd by 0-1 and Herrar (A-licens) lost against Marstrands IBK by 1-3.

In addition to this, IK Zenith have participated in Göteborg Cup Innebandy before. During Göteborg Cup Innebandy 2017, Zenith had 5 teams playing in Pojkar 13 (2003), Pojkar 15 (2001), Flickor 14 (2002) and Damjuniorer 18 (1998-99) respectively. The team in Flickor 14 (2002) made it to the the Semi final in Slutspel, but lost it against Pixbo Wallenstam IBF by 2-4.

Zenith comes from Torslanda which lies approximately 11 km from Göteborg, where Göteborg Cup Innebandy takes place. The area around Torslanda does also provide 26 additional clubs participating during Göteborg Cup Innebandy 2018 (Among others: Kärra IBK, Pixbo Wallenstam IBF, Floda IBK Göteborg, Partille IBS, Lindome IBK, Floda IBK, IBF Göteborg, FBC Lerum, Lindås Waves IBK and Frölunda IBK).

39 games played


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